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Formalities when someone dies

:: Formalities when someone dies ::

It is a tricky situation when some one dies. The only loss which can make everyone down and everyone to think about the other person. It is an emotional moment. It is very difficult to deal with the formalities when some one dies. Most importantly, there is no proper source / document which can help us to know about the formalities. The emotional connect and the sentiment has blocked us from doing so. Even the people who knows what to do will remain silent in these situations. I felt touched by the post made by Prasanna "Who will cry when you die"

This post inspired me to write about the formalities to be carried on when a person dies. I am just making this post out of my own experiences in the past and if any one find something incorrect and also want to add more points, feel free to let me know. 

Formalities - Step by Step :

  • Firstly, when a person dies at home, make a call to the family doctor to  et it confirmed. For those who don't have any such family doctor, just contact the doctor who attended them. If it was a sudden death or house death, go to the nearest 24 hours hospital. There you will have doctors to help you out. If he died at the hospital itself, doctors will take care of it.

  • When the doctor arrives, he will do the routine check ups and confirm whether the person died or not. He should give a letter in his letterhead stating that the person has been died of ......... reason. This is not the death certificate , as many of us wrongly believe it as a death certificate. This is just the death confirmation letter.
  • Then go to the nearest burial ground immediately after receiving the letter from the doctor and get the "House Death Form" (In case of house death). Get that form and bring it to the same doctor who confirmed the death, get it filled and signed by the doctor along with his official seal.
  • Once you got the House Death Form filled by the doctor, go to the same burial ground and register for the time slot for burying. Don't forget to take the photocopies of this house death form, as we are not allowed to enter the crematorium without this death form.
  • In case if you come across the neighbour who can't spend much, or even every one of us can use the service of 1913. The corporation of Chennai will be providing the Freezer Box , Mortuary Van at free of cost. Dial 1913  and book. The service is available all across Chennai, and not sure about the other areas. Also you can register it online by clicking here we all know, nothing comes entirely free, we need to pay some nominal amount to those drivers of mortuary vans & freezer box guys.
  • Even for the burial ground, we need not pay anything. Once all the process got over, we should go to the officer at the burial ground to give the necessary details which are necessary for obtaining the death certificate. 
Source : Chennai Corporation

BN: All the details I provided was pertaining to Chennai city. I believe some way or other, the same formalities prevails in other areas & cities.


Informative. Hope it helps many. Good work.

Pretty tedious task this looks. Not like villeges.

Yeah Rio.. City no more be comparable to villages :(

very informative post...i can relate to this as i remember the struggle when my dad and fil died...probably can add more inputs here...and write my own post on this..thanks Deepak

Thanks Umasree mam.. Waiting for your post....

Hi Deepak, It was very informative. I am coming up with a site that is gonna help everyone to share the Obituary of their near and dear one's. Here it is and it is FREE.

Best article on what to do when some one dies. As said above it is really tricky to decide when some dies. You better call a Doctor on home visit chennai services to be at your door step.

In chennai, for death certifcate registration doctor certificate, burial ground certificate and form filled is enough or any other documents mandatory?

Its really a sad new when one dies. As soon as you see a person is unconscious just contact the doctors on home visit chennai service and make sure.

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