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CBC Meet : 23rd June'13 - My first ever get-together

CBC Meet - 23rd June'13

:: CBC Meet : 23rd June'13 - My first ever get-together ::

It was a wonderful evening on 23rd June'13 @ The Pizza Republic, Adambakkam. It was the meet of The Chennai Bloggers Club - A group in Facebook whereby we , the chennai bloggers interacts and discuss about our blogs among many other things which also includes social causes.

I missed the earlier meets including the IndiBlogger meet. Personally, its my first-ever get together, not just in blogging arena. I have Never been with a group of friends, me restricted myself with a limited circle of friends who are almost like me, hesitant to come out and be part of social gatherings. I was waiting for the opportunity to come out of this circle and the CBC meet happened at the right time when I needed it. 

I was in a dilemma whether to go or skip this, as I have never been with a group of people and don't even know how to behave socially. I must thank Bragadeesh Prasanna for his motivation and he is the one who made up my mind and made me come there.

Finally I have made it to the pizza republice @ Adambakkam where I got a bunch of good friends and got to know about some wonderful personalities.  When people were recognised with the work they do , that supposed to be THE MOMENT.  The exact thing happened in the meet, we the bloggers recognised each other with their Blog names and not by their face or name. The moment we saw each other, it was not like we are unknown. We just started discussing as if we were known for years. 

A special thanks to Susan, Jothivel, Gitanjali and many other who are behind in organising this wonderful event. It is not an easy task to organise an event and its regular follow-ups. You people have done it.
Susan & Gitanjali

Have got some good bunch of friends. Glad to meet the "lord of words" Sunder Rajan, Sundar Gopalakrishnan, Mahendran Thiru, Bragadeesh Prasanna, Ram Thilak, Gokoulane, Vinod among others. 
Me with Ram Thilak

Me with Sunder, Mahendiran & Sundar

It started with the brief intro. Some people inspired me with the way they speak. I thought of speaking many things but ended up very few lines because of my inherent limitation :) 

Then comes the man of the moment Mahesh Iyer, one of the visionaries of CBSA (Chennai Bloggers for Social Action). I must say that he is one of the inspiring speakers I have seen. He talked about various things on how the bloggers can take part in social causes. It was a wonderful discussion and I should mention that the members like Kirtanya, Bhushavalli, Somu, Aravind Kumar, Harish Kumar, Karthick Kamalakkannan have made some valid points and it resulted in having a good discussion which can make us into action.

Harish Kumar

Mahesh Iyer

Bragadeesh Prasanna & Jothi

Somu Padmanaban
Overall, it was a wonderful evening started with funny talks, Intro and ended up thinking something for the society. For me personally, It is one such which can bring about some positive change. So many things I noticed and so many people I got inspired with. 

If the day which makes you feel pleasured is a happiest day , then this is one such day. Looking forward to meet you all in some other occasion.

Thanks for being patient in reading this  post :)

Photo Courtesy : Vinod Velayudhan


Good one bro.... Happy that we met.

Awesome chronicle of the meet ...

Thanks Mahendran & Ram Sir.. Missed you Ram sir.

Good one. Hope you all had a wonderful time. :-)

Yeah thanks Sushmitha. Missed you too :(

Nice to know that you guys are having such meetups in Chennai.

Yeah, we are lucky to be here Brajadulal. :) Why don't you try one such thing in your city ?

It seems you enjoyed the meet a lot!
Had a nice read.
Liked all the pics :)

Such meets add rejoice to life!

Best wishes!
Happy blogging .

Yeah I enjoyed it Simran. Thanks :) "Such Meets add rejoice to life " - Well said & Completely agree ..

It was indeed a fabulous meet and it was great to meet you guys! :)
Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! - Bhusha's INDIA TRAVELOGUE

Glad to meet you too Bhushavali . And your idea for CBSA is good, will give you the dresses to the orphanage soon. Thanks :)

I have never gone to any such meetings, and some times I am very apprehensive. Forget bloggers meet, i dont participate in my college events, I know I am wrong, but trying to come out of my cocoon.

Very nice!

Sridevi : Same as me :) Lets come out of this circle and I attended this meet just to come out and explore the fun of meeting people. It is really fun to be with this good people. You just try out once.

Deepak good to know that these kind of meet-ups happening in Chennai.

Yeah Ravi... You can also be part of our CBC group. Will add you :)

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again.

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