Monday, 15 July 2013

Completing 1 year of Blogging. Thank you all !!!!

Completing 1 year of Blogging. Thank you all !!!!

It has been a year since I started blogging.  I can say it as the 1st Birthday to Get Inspired Blog. I started blogging on 14th July 2012 

How does it Start : 

I always like to read and know about the success stories of the entrepreneurs, which includes the Rags to Riches stories.  I used to post these success stories as a wall post in my facebook profile.  Later one of my friend suggested to use blog for posting these stories and it just gave birth to the Get Inspired Blog :)

Since then it has been a wonderful journey for me.  Have made some 40 odd posts here which includes various genres like Success Stories, Social Awareness, Finance, Personal etc.,

Motivation : 

This point is debatable.  Of late, I came to know that the readership & followers were the driving force behind updating the blog on a frequent basis. My blog was a bit idle for several months. I used to update it very rarely. It is worth to mention here that, The Chennai Bloggers Club - A group in Facebook plays a vital role in motivating and re-invented the blogging skills in me and it made me a active blogger. Have got few followers and many frequent readers. Especially the feedbacks and discussion about the posts has motivated me the high time. It has made me update the blog frequently and also made me to add a new blog NAMMA AREA.  I have got the contact of lot of good people in this one year because of this blogging. Got some good friends too.

A Personal Note : 

I must thank you all for the constant motivation, I am sure you keep motivating me :) As I was happy to get the contacts of many good people, I was also a bit sad to lose few good people's contact. As I thank all my friends in this occasion, I should also say sorry to those whom I have made feel bad. An open apology and also a whole hearted thanks to you all. 

If you have any feedbacks or suggestions, feel free to write to me at 

Let us make a wonderful tomorrow. 

With Cheers,

Deepak Raghuraman


Congrats Deepak !! Keep blogging :)

congrats bro :) keep posting :) keep blogging :)

Thanks Gokoulane and sure I ll do :)

Congrats keep up the love!

Congrats bro!! Keep blogging :)

Congratulations and wishing you many more wonderful years of blogging and inspiration.

All the best.

Joy always,

Congratulation! Thanks for your good blogging.Keep it up!

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