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Inspiring Personalities - Mr. Krishnamurthy (Founder - Suswaad Sweets & Savouries, Chennai)


:: Inspiring Personalities - Mr. Krishnamurthy (Founder - Suswaad Sweets  & Savouries, Chennai) ::

In line with the Sweet Success stories of Arun Ice Creams, Lion Dates, Kovai Pazhamudhir Nilayam & Adyar Ananda Bhavan, here comes the success story of Suswaad Sweets & Savouries. It was founded by Mr. R.Krishnamurthy.

Birth of Suswaad :

Venkatraman Street , T.Nagar - Has been just another street till 1988. The year 1988 gave birth to this  SUSWAAD, founded by Mr. R Krishnamurthy and it has became the landmark for this area since then.

A small house turned into a sweets shop. Started as a small venture which provides door to door supply of bhakshanams, moved on to a multi branch sweets shop.Now it has many branches across Chennai and its quality is at its best.  

I couldn't get much of the details  about Mr.Krishnamurthy and the history of Suswaad. As always, The Hindu never miss out these people. And yeah, I have read an article inThe Hindu about Mr.Krishnamurthy and have went to their shop at Mandaveli once. Based on these I am posting few things here.

Secret of Success :

has been thriving on its commitment to quality. Says R. Krishnamurthy.

"Our publicity is mainly through word-of-mouth. People who are contented with our products bring in customers and our clientele grows."

 "Some of the sweets and savouries are being made through a mechanised process as it is hard these days to find people who can make them manually. Therefore the shapes and sizes have been standardised. We also ensure that excess oil is removed through a process of de-oiling." 

Ambience at the shop :


The ambience at the Suswaad was purely divine.Unlike other shops, the day starts with a prayer in Suswaad.  The smell of bhakshanams will take back to our good old golden days. The mec

hanised process removes the excess oil and keeps the taste intact. The taste is as good as the ones prepared at our home.

The one thing should be shared is that Suswaad is providing employment opportunities to the specially abled people. Each branches of Suswaad has got a specially abled person. Its a good thing which every one should learn.

Product Coverage : 

Just started with Bhakshanams, now they have expanded their wings which would include Paruppu podi, Karuveppilai Podi, Vathalkuzhambu paste, Puli Kaichal, Tomato paste, Kanji Maavu, Pickles etc.  It doesn't end here, they also serve snacks like Bajji , Vadai, Bondas etc., Don't miss out their special KOZHUKKATTAI.

The Next Gen : 

Mr. K Ramesh Source:

Mr. Krishnamurthy has died on February 2008. Since then, His son Mr.K Ramesh is taking care of this business.

Reference : The Hindu

Conclusion :

SUSWAAD - a brand with no promotions. No advertisement, no poster, no banner. But still the people's first choice is Suswaad, when it comes to Bhakshanams. Oil-Less machine made murukku - can any one think of it ? They did it. The manthra learnt from the success of Suswaad Sweets & Savouries is "The quality and commitment can make us scale greater heights ".

I want to add one thing here. I have seen IndiBlogger & BlogAdda helps in promoting the brands by asking the fellow bloggers to write the review about the few big brands. Why don't we take up promoting these small businesses which will be beneficial for both the people  ? I don't know about the practical difficulties involved in implementing it. Just a suggestion.

Meet you all in my next post.

Till then,
Inspire & Get Inspired :)


its good to see the initiations ! i have not been to this place :) let me go and write my review

Thanks for stopping by Aparna. And yeah its worth going there . Eagerly waiting for your review, don't forget to tag me once you done with your review.

Thats a great idea! I have visited Suswaad few few yrs back.. the bhakshanams are reallly super tasty!! :) I think even Grand Sweets and Krishna Sweets made their mark in Chennai with great commitment and quality

Thanks Madhu. And yeah, GSS and Krishna Sweets also doing the great job. Even GSS started on a small scale and now scaled onto this level. Same is with Krishna Sweets. Its not the money which made them familiar, It is their commitment and quality of the products :)

Good post :) Haven't been to this place yet, but after reading I thought to try out there. Nice to know that without banners and advertisements the quality of their products has brought them here. 'Quality and commitment'-good quote.

Thanks Sushmitha. Go and visit this place soon , am sure you will love it. And glad that you noticed that quote :) Also have given a suggestion at the conclusion. Whats your say ?

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in this shop, they also put soda in the snacks. it is not bad it enhances the taste of the snack. but with soda content we can only eat 2-3 pieces of one type of snack. but in our home, a same snack of same size etc, we can eat 10.

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I first went to their outlet in Tanjore steet off Duraiswamy subway in 1999.But I don't know if it still is there. Then after many years I went to their Tnagar shop in 2011. I have fallen in love with their maalaadu. When ever I visit some of my friends or relatives my gift is a pack of maalaadu.Try them and you will never eat them from any other shop. them. But their pasi paruppu laadu is not so good.I am yet to visit their Mylapore shop.


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