Friday, 31 May 2013

CBC's Six-Word Memoir Tag Post - About My Life in Six Words

:: Six-Word Memoir Tag Post ::

This post is part of our Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) , a closed group in Facebook. CBC is not just a group, it is much more than that. We have a serious discussions about our members' blogs, and also we do have fun with our members. Entertainment and Motivation flows from CBC to the core. We have members/Bloggers from all the field. If we have any doubt in any field, CBC will be our helping hand. I want to term CBC as "Google / Wiki for Bloggers". If you are a Blogger from Chennai and feels something missing in your blog, just head to our group and it will motivate you to write more. The Group not just ends with Blogging & Discussions. It goes further steps in Creating awareness campaigns, Social initiatives and much more activities. One such activity is this "Six-Word Memoir Tag", Whereby we need to describe our life in just 6 Words.

Thanks to the Dancer cum Blogger, BHAVIA VELAYUTHAN for passing the baton to me. She blogs @ I Think This Way. She is a versatile blogger, but special in writing fictions. Do visit her blog to know How she thinks her way :)

And here come my Six-Word Memoir.

And here now am passing the baton to the blogger who has got a good sense of humour. He is good at words, He is one such person who makes you smile with  your own words. He does all permutations & combinations on your words and comes out with some humourous comment. The same way his blog too. His blog contains poems, short stories etc etc. To know who he is and what he writes, pay a visit to Sunder's Slate


Nice one Deepak - the phoenix ;) and thanks for the mention :) :)

A very positive approach towards life Deepak :)

Optimism always holds us when down. Wonderful memoir.

Joy always,

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