Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Articleship Experience - The Best Phase of My Career

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My Articleship Experience - The Best Phase in my Career

As you all know, I am pursuing CA. And as a part of the course, I supposed to have 3.5 years of articleship in an audit firm. 

I have completed my 3.5 years of articleship in a mid sized audit firm on December 2011. I have learnt as much as I can during the stay of 3.5. years there.

I commenced my articleship on May 2008 immediately after completing my B.Com., from C.Kandaswamy Naidu College, Anna Nagar. I didn't enjoy much during my college days.  I was just being a "Moodi" till my college days. The only thing I know when I was studying college was just studies. Nothing beyond. But I should be proud of my college, which imparted me of professional knowledge. The professors are not world-class, but they are the best ones who have shaped up my career. I am indebted to them till my last breath. 

I must say, this articleship was the very important phase in my career, since its my first exposure to the outside world. I joined this firm when I dont even know many areas in chennai and to be frank i must say am "0" when I joined here. 

But my workplace and the people around there in office (Generally called Colleagues, But i can call them as FRIENDS) played a major role in changing myself. Mainly the attitude towards education and profession has been the greatest outcome of this 3.5 years. 

I got the real good friends here like Tamil, Harini, Santhoshi (The Best one), Senthil, Ramesh among few others . We never gone for outing, but still we have fun in our workplace and enjoy the work. 

For a profession like this , we need to be up to date and I got such a good guys here who will update me and me in turn share updates which I am aware of. 

The memories of our Aayudha Pooja Celeberations in our office , get to-gether in a Hotel near Mount Road during October of 2010 , Saturday Review meetings, Tension in office during the Due Dates, etc etc can never be erased.

I really wonder how fastly this 3.5 years has passed. 

Still i remember the day when I received the call from my boss (Principal Auditor) to join this firm for articles and you wonder what, the first thing i noticed in our office was a print out with a wonderful quote "THERE IS NEVER A WRONG TIME TO DO A RIGHT THING". May be that first impression has its impact on the positive change in my attitude. 

The words can be erased, but the memories can't ! This memory will never be erased. 

"Miles to go before we sleep" :) 


Good post Deepak.. Many think doing profesional cources is just only a learning..they forget that these learnings are not only for profession..this learning will help u a lot in your personal life too ..all the best for your final exams..

nice post :)
loved the quote - "There is never a wrong time to do a right thing"

Thanks so much Muarali and Kaushik.


nice blog, yup its true that knowledge is not inside a subject but all around it ... just we have to see it .Thanks for talking us through your memory lane

Yeah.... Thanks so much Karpagam....

Right from the heart, right? I can see that you are filled with gratitude for everything. Our teachers, no matter world class or not inspire us in one way or the other.

And the quote is quite a fitting one. After all, "There is never a wrong time to do the right thing."

Thanks for a good read, Deepak.

Joy always,

All the best for the future too! And Keep up that spirit! Cheers!

Exactly susan. Thanks so much. Thanks to deepa too.


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