Thursday, 21 November 2013

‘’Way to home I across by…’' - A Guest Post by Simran Kaur

‘’Way to home I across by…’'

Way to home, satchel on my back

School is over for today, road, my track!

I was told at school not just to look at things

But to observe, being a science student, a blaring cling !

There is sensitivity in me that fails to procure with the subjects I learn

Living a life, unaware of own society and issues, significance burn

To know the society, its people, their lives, I decide to take a tour

Instances at sight were enough to freeze my steps, incentive spur

Amaze to see life struggle is different at different phases

Contrast of lives live behind the four walls, unlike scenario laces!

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I see there, a young woman strive hard to break the bricks, beat her hunger

when she look at her three months old baby giggling unknown of reality, Thunders!

I move my steps forward, There I see an old man walking along with a rough wooden stick

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Credits: Nita Jatar Kulkarni

He was too lean and too weak to walk, a man in a grand car push him away, abuse and kick

I was shocked to see a man with such a cruel act, is this we are going to make our nation?

Crave for the respect is all I see in those moist eyes, still lying in the mid of the road, helpless,vexation!

Baba, are you okay? I am here with you! Is all I said, my heart drench in emote

His blinking moist eyes unable to recognize, hands of blessing, I see my hardships clot

When I look at the other side, I find children same as of my age, deprive of education

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Credits: Nita Jatar Kulkarni

Each day to fight with poverty they beg and search for a kind heart, in hope of benefaction

They have no one to look after them, my heart weep! I put my hand in satchel for the tiffin

Happy to see sandwiches left in lunch box. I offer them! Their smile, bliss life puts in !

I want to walk further but abide by the end of my destiny for now, my home

Would walk further tomorrow to unfold the realistic stories, to find ways to help them and bloom

Amaze to see life struggle is different at different phases

Contrast of lives live behind the four walls, unlike scenario laces!

About the Author :

The Author of this post "Simran Kaur" is my youngest blogger friend. She is the class 11 student from Gorakhpur (East U.P.) and she blogs @  

I am a fan of her English and her poems. It not just ends here, She is good at photography too. She also won many awards for her blog. I must thank her for obliging to my request to write a guest post for my blog. And this one is undoubtedly an inspiring one from her. My best wishes to her for all her future endeavours.

With Cheers, 

Deepak Raghuraman 


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