Friday, 31 May 2013

CBC's Six-Word Memoir Tag Post - About My Life in Six Words

:: Six-Word Memoir Tag Post ::

This post is part of our Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) , a closed group in Facebook. CBC is not just a group, it is much more than that. We have a serious discussions about our members' blogs, and also we do have fun with our members. Entertainment and Motivation flows from CBC to the core. We have members/Bloggers from all the field. If we have any doubt in any field, CBC will be our helping hand. I want to term CBC as "Google / Wiki for Bloggers". If you are a Blogger from Chennai and feels something missing in your blog, just head to our group and it will motivate you to write more. The Group not just ends with Blogging & Discussions. It goes further steps in Creating awareness campaigns, Social initiatives and much more activities. One such activity is this "Six-Word Memoir Tag", Whereby we need to describe our life in just 6 Words.

Thanks to the Dancer cum Blogger, BHAVIA VELAYUTHAN for passing the baton to me. She blogs @ I Think This Way. She is a versatile blogger, but special in writing fictions. Do visit her blog to know How she thinks her way :)

And here come my Six-Word Memoir.

And here now am passing the baton to the blogger who has got a good sense of humour. He is good at words, He is one such person who makes you smile with  your own words. He does all permutations & combinations on your words and comes out with some humourous comment. The same way his blog too. His blog contains poems, short stories etc etc. To know who he is and what he writes, pay a visit to Sunder's Slate

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Inspiring Personalities - Mr.Mahasay Dharmapal (Founder of MDH Masalas)

Mr.Mahasay Dharmapal (Image source:

:: Inspiring Personalities - Mr.Mahasay Dharmapal (Founder of MDH Masalas) ::

It is going to be the yet another success story of the organisation in food industry. The Spicy Success story continues, as I had already wrote about the success stories of Shakthi Masala Duraisamy, Aachi Masala AD Padmasingh Isaac in my earlier posts. I just read about Mr.Mahasay Dharmapal, the founder of MDH (Mahashian Di Hatti) Masalas. As our fellow blogger Deepa says, "Keep it Silly Simple", here is the man who has done it and have seen huge success because of his simplicity and the quality of products he has given. He is the one who comes at the ad of MDH with a smiling face.

Early Days :

Mahashay Dharmpal is truly one of the most inspiring personalities of our times. He is personality of many dimensions and achievement He is a true Karamyogi who always reluctant to come into the limelight. Mahashay Dharmpal was born on 27th March, 1923 in Sialkot (Pakistan). His father Mahashay Chunnilal and mother Mata Chanan Devi were Philanthropic, religious minded and follower of Arya Samaj. In the year 1933, he left school before he could have completed 5th class. In 1937, he set up with the help of his father a small business of looking mirror and thereafter business and carpentry job, cloth merchant, hardware business & rice trading.

Somehow these petty businesses could not hold him for long and he joined hands with his father in his parental business i.e. Spices under the name of Mahashian Di Hatti popularly known as 'Deggi Mirch' people.

Rs.1,500 Investment made a difference :

After the partition of the country, he came to India and reached Delhi on 27th September 1947 . At that time his father has provided him with only Rs.1500/- .Out of this amount he purchased a Tonga (Horse-Drawn Carriage) for Rs.650/- and ran it from New Delhi Railway Station to Qutab Road and Karol Bagh to Bara Hindu Rao at two Anna sawari for few days. He charged TWO ANNAs for a ride from Connaught Place to Karol Bagh and he couldn't run the family with this meager income.

Birth of MDH ( Mahashian Di Hatti  ):

With the money he earned from the Horse carriage, Mahasay bought small wooden khokha (Shop / Hatti) measuring 14ft. x 9 ft. at Ajmal Khan Road , Karol Bagh, New Delhi and started his family business of Ground spices and raised the banners of  Mahashian Di Hatti of Sialkot " DEGGI MIRCH WALE ".

Expansion of MDH :

With his vision and the honesty in business, Mahashay led the venture to the heights, which have inspired others to follow. Very few people know the success and the hard work of Mahashay  behind the success of the super brand MDH

Mahashay does't have any secret formula behind his grand success. His commitment to humanity and community and his relentless activities shines in many sphere of life.

Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, Janakpuri :

Mata Chanan Devi Hospital
Started with a small 10 beds eye hospital at Subhash Nagar, Arya Samaj in November 1975, thereafter in January 1984, a 20 beds hospital was established in JanakPuri, New Delhi in memory of his mother Mata Chanan Devi.

Now, this hospital is serving with 300 beds in about 5 acres land, this super specialty hospital with MRI, CT Scan, Heart Wing, Neuro Sciences, IVF etc. Mahashay himself visits the hospital regularly and actively participates in the management of the hospital. Like always today also poor peopl
e are treated free in the hospital and they gets free medical aid worth million of rupees annually.

Contributions towards Education :

MDH International School
Mahashay Dharmpal has also extended his blessing to the children by developing a school to impart quality education to the new generations. Today he is associated with innumerous educational institutions particularly

MDH International School ,
Mahashay Chunnilal Saraswati Shishu Mandir,
Mata Leela Wati Kanya Vidhayala,
Mahashay Dharmpal Vidhya Mandir etc

He has made more than 20 schools himself for the benefits of the society and the poor people.


The Philosophy of Mahashay Dharampal is "Give to the world the best you can, and the best will come back to you automatically" has virtually been a proverbial come true by the fact that today, MDH is a name that stands synonymous not only for quality spices but also for its contributions towards the welfare of society and upliftment of the needy, by way of establishing Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Trust. MDH today stands as a name in every house hold, trusted & relished all over the world by millions.

Conclusion :

In the era where the product and brand is being positioned because of the celebrities , It is worth to point out that MDH - as a brand and its products has gained its significance only because of its QUALITY and the simplicity of the man behind this MDH. It makes few of my favourite quotes true. "The Magic of Thinking Big" & "Every Problem comes with an equal opportunity".

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